The Harrogate Regular

We are the Harrogate Regular.

We are the Harrogate Regular, a weekly update of what's happening in this vibrant little town, sponsored by Harrogate's favourite Italian restaurant, Gianni's BRIO. We will be putting together a list of events, deals and much much more, so you don't have to go trawling through social media. Nobody likes the feeling of being left out, so we promise you will never have that sinking feeling when you see all your friends tweeting about what an amazing time they are having. No longer will you have to sit at home trawling through a list of obtuse selfies or #bestdayofmylife tweets. Now you can be the one boring your friends senseless across a range of Instagram filters. 

If you are suffering from heartbreak we have the best ice cream, if you have a sense of humour failure we will let you know whats on across all of Harrogate's many venues, and if you're a foodie we can recommend at least one restaurant which will knock your socks off every time. So forget about checking Facebook or the Advertiser and come to the Harrogate Regular for all things Harrogate culture.